Video design

Why Video?


crew on a film set

International brands dedicate big budgets to film because they know it is far more memorable than any other media.

But with a good creative concept, a well crafted script, professional directing and cost effective production, a powerful short film is surprisingly affordable.

Perhaps the most valuable quality your film can engender in your buyer is trust.
A website, however good, is no match for your customer meeting you and your staff.

But an excellent web film is truly the next best thing.

Flying Image works with you to create a short film which reaches out your customers on line – the one place you cannot be to make a personal welcome.

As we say in the showreel, you can’t shake hands with your customers on the web – but it is our mission to make them feel that they have.

facts and figures

The importance of web video in your marketing strategy

Our Approach

We thought about what you wanted from a Web Video company.

Most of all we reckoned you want a film that is really attention getting, looks professional and comes in on budget.

So we put together a creative team who know how to produce eye catching images and sounds at the right price.

Sandy and Nick in edit suite

You may already know what kind of film you want…
in which case we will listen, develop the ideas with you, and make it happen.

Or, you may prefer us to work with a blank sheet – in which case we discuss with you to identify the strengths and passion of your company.We will then weave these features to make a video which transmits the excellence of your products and services.

We are happy to do either!

But to make the most of your video it must talk to your customers in a way that they understand.

So some marketing knowledge about you is just as important.

We need to know something of your business, your products and services, as well as your customers.
Where do you position yourself in your market?
Where are you now – where do you want to be in five years?

If your web video company knows nothing about any of this how do they design a film to help you get there?

Property Videos

Why Video?

Video is a powerful marketing tool to generate valuable viewings which are more likely to turn into sales.

Evidence from UK and international markets shows that film stimulates interest from buyers like no other media – it brings the property to life in a way that photography can never do.

In the internet age an increasing majority of applicants like to see video – not just text alone.

Property video reduces time wasting viewings because potential buyers have a much better understanding of the true nature of the property.

Having seen the video they are far more likely to offer if they choose to view. This saves your staff time and effort, leaving you to concentrate on applicants who are far more likely to buy.


We will work with you to make your property videos look and feel a unified part of your overall marketing approach.

The directors of Flying Image are both former property professionals with many years experience of the requirements of your market.

There are a number of elements we can weave together to make your video. These include: -

  • Video with scripted commentary to impart information
  • A video walk through to show the ‘flow’ of the layout
  • Careful use of background music to improve continuity and unity
  • Quadcopter aerial video shots when required
  • Use of a professional on screen presenter in selected cases

Our Drone

Drone in action

We usually recommend a combination of well chosen commentary and background music that express the style and character of the property.

Please have a look at the examples which run on this page.

We will produce your video with the minimum of fuss and with a quick turn round so you can get your listing in front of your buyers promptly. We aim to have your video delivered to you within one week of instruction (subject to weather!).

Above all we remember that your potential buyer is not just buying a house – their aspiration is a home and a lifestyle in equal measure. It is our task to portray these elements in your property video.

What did our clients say?

The Team

Richard Cousins – Creative Director

Richard Cousins

Bringing a strong marketing background to Flying Image’s sister company Convex Marketing in 1998, Richard guides your video concept so that your film talks to your customers in the way that you want it to. With a parallel career as a published poet and singer songwriter (yes – really!) his creative input to script and copy writing is fresh, original, and assured.
Or so he tells us.
He looks forward to working with you to make a great short film that hits the mark.

Nick Curtis – Cameras and Edit

Nick Curtis

Technical wizard Nick has many years of top flight professional film making, working with the BBC, and ITV amongst many others.
Nick’s eye for detail is second to none – he brings together the right high definition hardware (in film) and software (in edit) to make it all happen as we want it to.

Sandy Briggs – Production Manager

Sandy Briggs

With over twenty five years working in the marketing and creative industry Sandy has a wealth of experience in print and film.
He uses his project management skills to ensure your film proceeds from initial proposal through to final completion and broadcast on time and in budget.
When not working he can be found racing his dinghy in Chichester harbour.
Ben Ainslie is apparently keen to get in touch.

James Dowland – Web designer


With an excellent fifteen year track record in web site development James also has a strong background in graphics and design.
He is able to customise your site to make it fit seamlessly with your corporate ID or to create a fresh style and design from scratch. James will deliver a beautifully styled modern professional web site which you can update yourself – or he can provide ongoing support for future upgrades and development if required.

Web Content

website inside screen

Creation and Design

Your web video will make a big difference to your internet presence and profile. But you may wish to go a step further and revisit the look and content of the rest of your website.

To increase the power and reach of your image with your customers it is a great advantage if your site and your film ‘speak with the same voice’ both in tone and style.

A flair for graphic design and a dedication to modern crisp clear styling is at the core of our web designers approach.

Our sites open quickly and are simple and intuitive to navigate – the information you customer wants must be at the front of the site – easy to access and to interact with if necessary.

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